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Volumetric concrete

Benefits of Using Volumetric Concrete in Construction Projects

Working on your new construction project?

There comes multiple things to consider when ordering concrete, other than deciding on the concrete type your construction project requires. 

Volumetric concrete is a vital component to build dams, infrastructure, highways, and other establishments with guaranteed longevity. It is a durable substance that can withstand earthquakes and other natural calamities. In addition, it has many more features that make it a wise decision for the construction industry.

Now, you may get confused about either choosing from volumetric concrete or picking the ready mix one. Here, looking for what advantages they come with and which one works better for varying applications can be helpful.

In this write-up, we will discuss the benefits of choosing volumetric concrete for your upcoming establishment building needs. 

Reasons to Use Volumetric Concrete in Construction Projects


Volumetric concrete is formed using the constituents like cement, water, and aggregate that help to keep the establishment’s base rigid. All these are easily available and at a low price. However, choosing the right amount is essential as the consistency percentage varies in each case, be it building dams, houses, roads, etc. 

The best thing about considering volumetric concrete is you are safe from under or over-ordering it. The volumetric concrete mixer will come on-site, prepare the asked mixture amount, and make you pay for delivered concrete. Being mixed on the project location, you face no shortage of mixture or pay for excessive material. 

Heat and Water Resistant

Concrete is strong and suitably resistant to heat and moisture. Volumetric concrete being in the solid form does not get affected by the water. Using such a solution, even the pools and hoses are constructed. The reason is it can easily collect water without breaking or leaking. The dams are known to hold on to enormous water and that is why such concrete type comes as the ideal choice. 

Volumetric concrete may also withstand high temperatures. Because of this, even in the most severe fires, concrete does not degrade or burn. It gets stronger over time even though.

Ensured Mixture Durability

Volumetric concrete is robust because it keeps getting stiffer over time and develops a rigid texture. This indicates that it is not easily destroyed. It can guard off extreme weather and natural disasters.

All you have to do is to choose from the concrete suppliers in the UK and get the mixture ready for your next project.

Assures Flexibility

The components like cement, aggregate, and water are mixed to make an unsolidified volumetric concrete mix. Mixed on-site, the preferred uniformity of the mixture is easy to achieve. The best thing is it can take any shape. This is why making roads with barriers and in varying directions uses volumetric concrete. 

Also, as the mixture is made ready onsite, it can be modified to meet the changes in the project, weather, etc. 

Reduces Wastage

Volumetric concrete is mixed and provided instantly on-site. It means only the set concrete is mixed according to the requirements. Thus, eliminating any possibility of material wastage. You can expect the assurance of receiving the exact concrete volume fulfilling the project completion needs. 

Even if it is your first time ordering concrete, you can rest assured no under or over-ordering is made. 

Low Maintenance Required

There are minimal to no possibilities at all of any concrete type requiring any maintenance or repair. Being a tough mixture, it can stay for years, making itself stronger. The only need that can occur may be remodeling needs. For instance, if any home shelf does not fit the room’s aesthetics or its shape is not up to the mark, you will need restructuring. Therefore, the need to build the shelf from scratch may ask you destruct the material. 

So, all these benefits depict why most domestic, commercial, or other establishments are made of volumetric concrete. Besides, you can read our blog to understand why concrete is essential for any construction project. It covers each benefit that you can experience from hiring the best concrete supplier in the UK. 


Volumetric concrete is advantageous in multiple use cases. Mostly, it includes commercial, domestic, and industrial building purposes. In addition, its use ensures there is no mixture wastage, you need not overpay, and mix demands can be ordered exactly. So, these are some of the common reasons that make this concrete the best choice of all. 

You can consult with The Thames Concrete, the reliable concrete supplier if you are in need of concrete building material for your construction project. We deliver high-quality volumetric concrete mixture and other mixes across the UK. Simply connect with us to know our wide range of concrete-related offerings. 

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