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Prefer Volumetric Concrete Mix

Why Should You Prefer Volumetric Concrete Mixer Supply?

Wondering which type of concrete to work with can be a little confusing and challenging for you. But, it’s very important to get the right concrete as it is the key to successful construction projects. If your work needs a large pour with a strict deadline, prefer choosing the volumetric concrete supply. 

This is all because of the efficiency of the volumetric concrete mixer, increasing capacity, minimizing waste, and saving time and money. It has significantly made the mixing process more precise and accessible. Precision is a must for the durability and strength of the concrete, a foundation of large buildings. Its integrity is important for the lifespan of any construction.

Well, volumetric concrete offers many benefits. In this piece of blog, we are covering what volumetric is and how it benefits. Let’s get started!

What Is Volumetric Concrete?

Simply, volumetric concrete is versatile concrete, mixed by the volume of materials, instead of weight. Typically, the mixing process is on-site i.e at the project location only in a volumetric concrete mixer which blends ingredients(cement, aggregates, and water.)

The volumetric mixer packs, measures, mixes, and distributes the concrete all from one unit. It helps produce an exact quantity of concrete required when needed at any moment.

Benefits Of Using Volumetric Concrete For Your Project

No Wastage

No need to worry about wastage if working with volumetric concrete. This is because the amount of concrete you require for your project can be customizable on-site only. This assures you receive the right concrete quantity that will result in the successful completion of the project without any waste. 

Choosing the volumetric concrete for your project assures no under-order or over-order of the material. If it’s your first order, possibly you’re never going to be wrong in quantity. 


Most people think volumetric concrete is only for small construction work. The truth is volumetric concrete is flexible enough to handle large ones also. Ordering on-site mixed concrete from the volumetric concrete supplier means you are assured to get the exact amount suitable for the project.

A volumetric concrete mixer has the capacity to hold sufficient material that can produce almost twice as much as concrete. For larger pours, more concrete can be delivered to the project site through volumetric trucks which can be reloaded whenever needed while regulating continuous pour. 


In emergency cases such as roadway repair, or any work with time limitations, volumetric concrete is a very efficient material. These overnight renovations which need to be completed on time require only fast and quality work. 

You can prefer contacting the volumetric concrete suppliers that are available 24/7 i.e. available any time, place, day, and weather. Providing the services of a volumetric concrete mixer ready on-site, they assure no waiting time. The professionals are skillful in determining when and how much there is a need for concrete quantity. Thus, preventing the possibility of waiting for another delivery. 

Additionally, your site will remain clutter-free as there will be no ongoing truck line to deliver concrete. The results of which will be no time loss and smooth progress of the project. 


No matter what type of project it is, concrete is preferably used in construction sites for its affordability. Whatever the size of the work, a volumetric concrete supplier assures a cost-effective job. They ensure the delivery of a precise amount of fresh concrete, eliminating the overuse and under-use of concrete. Additionally, it saves expenses on the workforce and more delivery trucks.


Well, volumetric concrete is greatly popular for household, commercial, and industrial construction work. With precise ordering, no wastage, and overpaying, it is easy to understand through this blog why this material is generally used. 

To get the most out of your volumetric concrete, you must consider ordering it from a reputed contractor. The Thames Concrete is a high-profile concrete supplier in the UK, delivering good-quality volumetric concrete mixes. You can wholeheartedly count on us for all kinds of construction material essentials. 

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